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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Never Give Up on My Dreams

Why I never give up on my dreams ?

The reason why I didn't give up on my dreams is because my passion for modeling.
I first started modeling at a very young age but I kind of gave up on it because of my golf career. (You can find out more on how I got my dreams of becoming a model here.)
Although I gave up on it for a while, I still have the passion for it.
So I went out for a few photo shooting sessions with my friend at the park, home, swimming pool and so on. I begin to feel the connection between my mind and the image. When I look into the camera, I see myself living in it. And I can see my future in it. But as time goes by, my studies kept me away from that dream as I was studying day and night for good results. 
Although I'm busy with my studies, I still took some photos of myself with my phone and just imagine that I'm at a photo shooting sites like what I see in America's Next Top Model Reality TV shows. My imagination helped me so much throughout my high school moments and I still got that connection between my mind and the camera. So from that day on, I keep finding for modeling jobs to gain more experience but I keep getting rejection from everywhere because of lack of experience .

How I take in REJECTION and JUDGEMENT from others?

Rejection and judgement really effected my career when I'm still new in the industry.
It took me awhile to accept every rejection and judgement. While accepting all those negative respond and rumors, my mind was so messy and I'm just so stress till I became addicted to alcohol and smoking. As time goes by, an addicted became a habit. Until now, I'm still smoking and drinking but I'm able to control it because I realize that it's not good for my image and also my career.  
Now I'm stronger than before because I know How to handle every stress and negative thoughts. Whenever someone try to judge me or say rumors about me, I say some sayings to myself as a motivation such as 

  • I can do better ( I say this every time when I look in the mirror)
  •  If a person judge you or says rumors about you, they're actually talking and judging themselves 
  • Live your dreams and live your life
  • You are the boss of yourself, no one and nothing can control you

These are some motivation that I always say to myself when I doubt myself. Hope that it also can motivate you in pursuing your dreams. Stop dreaming and just take that big step and try it. I took that big step and look I did a pretty good job at modeling. Be confident with yourself and make a change for the better !


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