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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Runway Road (4W1H)

Hi there . Sorry for not updating my blog for a long time.
I was so busy and also sick too. Hope you guys are not angry at me.

So, recently I was busy preparing for



This is my first modeling competition I enter and I don't have any high expectation as it's my first time, so I'll just take it as an experience and learn more about catwalk and new poses.

What I learn from this competition ?

I learned that no matter there are beautiful competitors, NEVER get discouraged because you are beautiful just the way you are and just do your thing. Play with they dress you have and also play with the stage as in walk around and show you personality out. Be cheerful and playful around the runway. While walking on the runway also be cautions to not fall down and be comfortable with your shoes no matter how high is it.

Why I would enter and take the next big step?

At first I wasn't going to enter because of the location. The location is not a proper modeling center or runway center, it was a club/pub with a HUGE stage and runway. So I decided to enter because I want to experience the life of a runway model and also a life of a model as a competitor. It's a good way to experience modeling in a different kind of levels and meet now people for new opportunity in the future. I encourage those who have the same dream as I do to take this great big step no matter how big or small is the event.

When did I make this big decision for myself ?

I made this decision around middle of  September when I heard about "Asia Next Top Model" is in for casting calls audition around Asia. I also sign up for that event, so now I'm just waiting for their feedback. So I decided that why not take this chance to gain more and more knowledge about modeling, catwalk and so on.

Where did I get the news of this event ?

I found out about this event on facebook from a model. Although now days internet is a very dangerous place to find out about jobs or event as there are so many scams happening ( Will blog about this as soon as possible) . But it's all worth the risk and also I have to be very cautions on very moment even every second. But you can find some freelance photographers who like to take photography as a hobby and when ever you need to update your profile you can find him or her. 

How did I get in this event ?

Getting in is easy. Ask for details and more information from the agent in charge. Then just keep in touch with her/him. It's important to keep in charge with that person because if you don't then they will see you as you are not interested or even serious about that event. So keep in touch with them and you will get that part and just do your thing !

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