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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Devil You Know Than You Don't

This title was given by my friend/brother (Chickie Qing)
It's a very good title because there's a lot of them in this modeling industry 
I posted a post recently about thing and attitude you can and cant do when working on set.
You can check it out here ( 10 Does and Don't in Your Modeling Career )

Now about the devil you know and you don't.
Some people are not aware of this kind of people because they try to act professional
They are so many photographer, agents, jobs and etc are just full with lies and they just wanna use you and your body for those unwanted websites like sex website or those prostitute's website.
I will list down a few of them based on their profession and how to avoid it.

The Devilish Photographer

The photographer will ask you for a indoor photo shoot without payment or with a minimal of RM 50 - 100 in Malaysia . At first they want an normal shoot then slowly they will ask you to change into bikini wear or lingerie and some maybe nude. This is very dangerous as they might touch or rape you. This happened to so many models already but you can choose to reject them. If it's for commercial shoot, ask them about the commercial before you simply say yes. 

The Devilish Job

The people will state private party, escort and private dinner jobs for you to do. they will describe it as ushering or even one-day girlfriend . Escort is a job where you need to accompany people from overseas or maybe local as a girlfriend some maybe overnight together for some sexually reason and surprisingly some of the company is legal and some not. Private party and dinner party is the same. Just have to party or have dinner with them which include drinking alcohol and socializing with them  . These jobs are nothing related to modeling or acting. It's just a job where you can earn more in modeling and to some girls, they are desperate for  money and also blinded by money. It's easy to avoid by asking details from the agent. Some of the job like party girls is okay because it's just promoting and not drinking .

The Devilish Agent

Some agent are very rude and also demanding. I experience it myself last year. An agent ask me if I'm interested in the job he gave to me. At first he said ushering but then it's not ushering but escort service. I declined politely but he insisted me to work rudely. I ignored him since then. It's really unprofessional as an agent and it's also rude as a human being by forcing people to work or to do things that they really don't like. Another type of devilish agent are those agent who lie to models. They state photo shoot and give details unclear or very blurry type of information. When you reach on set. It's a different type of photo shoot as stated on the job description that the agent gave. It's dangerous because you might get raped or even worst (Kidnap, death and etc). To avoid this kind of thing happen, PLEASE ASK FOR MORE DETAILS ! If they give blurry or unclear, then just ignore that job and find a better and safer job. It's not worth your life.

I encourage young new comers to read this and also share out because it might make or break your career and also most importantly life. Not to models only but also to freelancers who always want to find a job and earn some pocket money. Please be careful and cautions of the job you take in hand. It's a different world out there now and I might get sued for blogging about this but it worth the risk. 
Thanks for read and hope you guys share it out !


Friday, October 10, 2014

10 Does and Don't in Your Modeling Career

Modeling is not an easy career or stress-free type of career
There will be lots of rejection, nasty compliments and so on.

In this post I'm gonna talk to you about Do and Don't in your modeling career
Basically is what you should/can do and what you shouldn't/cant do when you are doing your job 
Because this is super important for new comers and for some "experienced" model 


  1. Be confident with yourself and also your body ( Confidence is the KEY )
  2. Be healthy and exercise daily if can 
  3. Be cautions of jobs that you got in hand
  4. Track down your job in hand so it won't clash with incoming jobs
  5. If you need to commit full days, be committed with that job
  6. Make sure you know that job well enough to do it 
  7. Respect and be nice to others when working
  8. Be in positive mood, cheerful and good attitude all the time 
  9. Be able to learn new type of photo shoots and jobs 
  10.  Have a good connection with the camera when shooting

  1. Don't lie about your age, vital statistic, experience and so on
  2. You shouldn't be picky when you already fully committed with the job
  3. You shouldn't be rude or disrespectful with the person you work with
  4. Do not take risky jobs in hand (Escort, private dinner, private party and etc)
  5. Don't be lazy, grumpy and sleep when you are working
  6. Don't take in too many jobs because it might clash with another job
  7. Don't be overly excited or overly-confident when you are working with other models 
  8. Don't be such a noisy/bad-mouthing person when you are working (it will destroy your fame)
  9.  You can't demand your agent/ the photographer for anything that they cant give
  10. DON'T BE A DIVA QUEEN  (Be late, not ready, wasting the crew's time and etc)

It's important because it can make or break your career .


Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Runway Road (4W1H)

Hi there . Sorry for not updating my blog for a long time.
I was so busy and also sick too. Hope you guys are not angry at me.

So, recently I was busy preparing for



This is my first modeling competition I enter and I don't have any high expectation as it's my first time, so I'll just take it as an experience and learn more about catwalk and new poses.

What I learn from this competition ?

I learned that no matter there are beautiful competitors, NEVER get discouraged because you are beautiful just the way you are and just do your thing. Play with they dress you have and also play with the stage as in walk around and show you personality out. Be cheerful and playful around the runway. While walking on the runway also be cautions to not fall down and be comfortable with your shoes no matter how high is it.

Why I would enter and take the next big step?

At first I wasn't going to enter because of the location. The location is not a proper modeling center or runway center, it was a club/pub with a HUGE stage and runway. So I decided to enter because I want to experience the life of a runway model and also a life of a model as a competitor. It's a good way to experience modeling in a different kind of levels and meet now people for new opportunity in the future. I encourage those who have the same dream as I do to take this great big step no matter how big or small is the event.

When did I make this big decision for myself ?

I made this decision around middle of  September when I heard about "Asia Next Top Model" is in for casting calls audition around Asia. I also sign up for that event, so now I'm just waiting for their feedback. So I decided that why not take this chance to gain more and more knowledge about modeling, catwalk and so on.

Where did I get the news of this event ?

I found out about this event on facebook from a model. Although now days internet is a very dangerous place to find out about jobs or event as there are so many scams happening ( Will blog about this as soon as possible) . But it's all worth the risk and also I have to be very cautions on very moment even every second. But you can find some freelance photographers who like to take photography as a hobby and when ever you need to update your profile you can find him or her. 

How did I get in this event ?

Getting in is easy. Ask for details and more information from the agent in charge. Then just keep in touch with her/him. It's important to keep in charge with that person because if you don't then they will see you as you are not interested or even serious about that event. So keep in touch with them and you will get that part and just do your thing !

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Never Give Up on My Dreams

Why I never give up on my dreams ?

The reason why I didn't give up on my dreams is because my passion for modeling.
I first started modeling at a very young age but I kind of gave up on it because of my golf career. (You can find out more on how I got my dreams of becoming a model here.)
Although I gave up on it for a while, I still have the passion for it.
So I went out for a few photo shooting sessions with my friend at the park, home, swimming pool and so on. I begin to feel the connection between my mind and the image. When I look into the camera, I see myself living in it. And I can see my future in it. But as time goes by, my studies kept me away from that dream as I was studying day and night for good results. 
Although I'm busy with my studies, I still took some photos of myself with my phone and just imagine that I'm at a photo shooting sites like what I see in America's Next Top Model Reality TV shows. My imagination helped me so much throughout my high school moments and I still got that connection between my mind and the camera. So from that day on, I keep finding for modeling jobs to gain more experience but I keep getting rejection from everywhere because of lack of experience .

How I take in REJECTION and JUDGEMENT from others?

Rejection and judgement really effected my career when I'm still new in the industry.
It took me awhile to accept every rejection and judgement. While accepting all those negative respond and rumors, my mind was so messy and I'm just so stress till I became addicted to alcohol and smoking. As time goes by, an addicted became a habit. Until now, I'm still smoking and drinking but I'm able to control it because I realize that it's not good for my image and also my career.  
Now I'm stronger than before because I know How to handle every stress and negative thoughts. Whenever someone try to judge me or say rumors about me, I say some sayings to myself as a motivation such as 

  • I can do better ( I say this every time when I look in the mirror)
  •  If a person judge you or says rumors about you, they're actually talking and judging themselves 
  • Live your dreams and live your life
  • You are the boss of yourself, no one and nothing can control you

These are some motivation that I always say to myself when I doubt myself. Hope that it also can motivate you in pursuing your dreams. Stop dreaming and just take that big step and try it. I took that big step and look I did a pretty good job at modeling. Be confident with yourself and make a change for the better !


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mother Nature with Black

Mother Nature is always speaking.
She speaks in language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer.

- Radhanath Swami-

I'm very inspired by nature - you could say Mother Nature
I look at things around me and get all kinds of inspiration daily 

-Martha Stewart-

Nature is natural beauty.
Appreciate it's beauty, for there will be a time where it's gone and only 
memories remain


About myself : Dream come true

Hi, My name is Ashley Claire De Silva and I'm 18 this year. My dream is to become a model and be as successful as other famous models like Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Amber Chia (Malayisan Model) and Alessandra Ambrosio (Victoria's secret model). Being a model might be very stressful sometimes as I'm still on the journey to be successful in my modeling career. I will tell you more about myself and how it all started.

When/why do I have the ambitious to be a model ?

It all started when I was just a little girl, my auntie brought me to a studio for a photoshoot sessions along with my cousins. When I was in the make up room, I was so nervous about the photoshoot because I didn't know how to pose and smile naturally. During the photoshoot, I was just sitting on the chair and smiling stiffly as I was so nervous on that moment. After the photoshoot ended, the photographer said that I have a talent in the modeling line as I have beautiful facial features. After the photoshoot, modeling slowly grow within me and my life. As I got older, I was so busy with my school life and I didn't know how to get in the modeling career seriously. As I was from a family of golfer, golf become a big part of my life. So I quit my modeling ambitions and started playing golf. In the age of 16, I gave up on my golf carer because I played so badly and started back my modeling career again after putting it away for quite some time. So in order for me to start my modeling ambitious, I start with basics. My friend who is a photographer help me a lot in mastering the basic as such as getting comfort in front of the camera, poses, facial expression and etc. It took me awhile to master everything and I got the hang of it because my imagination helped me too. Sometimes, in my room I like to imagine that I'm in a runway doing catwalk and poses and just being a diva queen in my own runway imagination world which it's just in my room. Imagination plays a very important role for me as a model and who knows maybe even an actress too? But I'm taking baby steps, don't rush into everything in one go because it might get very stressful and messy. For now, I'm doing photoshoots, runway and product promoter to gain more experience for a better career in the future.