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Friday, October 10, 2014

10 Does and Don't in Your Modeling Career

Modeling is not an easy career or stress-free type of career
There will be lots of rejection, nasty compliments and so on.

In this post I'm gonna talk to you about Do and Don't in your modeling career
Basically is what you should/can do and what you shouldn't/cant do when you are doing your job 
Because this is super important for new comers and for some "experienced" model 


  1. Be confident with yourself and also your body ( Confidence is the KEY )
  2. Be healthy and exercise daily if can 
  3. Be cautions of jobs that you got in hand
  4. Track down your job in hand so it won't clash with incoming jobs
  5. If you need to commit full days, be committed with that job
  6. Make sure you know that job well enough to do it 
  7. Respect and be nice to others when working
  8. Be in positive mood, cheerful and good attitude all the time 
  9. Be able to learn new type of photo shoots and jobs 
  10.  Have a good connection with the camera when shooting

  1. Don't lie about your age, vital statistic, experience and so on
  2. You shouldn't be picky when you already fully committed with the job
  3. You shouldn't be rude or disrespectful with the person you work with
  4. Do not take risky jobs in hand (Escort, private dinner, private party and etc)
  5. Don't be lazy, grumpy and sleep when you are working
  6. Don't take in too many jobs because it might clash with another job
  7. Don't be overly excited or overly-confident when you are working with other models 
  8. Don't be such a noisy/bad-mouthing person when you are working (it will destroy your fame)
  9.  You can't demand your agent/ the photographer for anything that they cant give
  10. DON'T BE A DIVA QUEEN  (Be late, not ready, wasting the crew's time and etc)

It's important because it can make or break your career .


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