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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Devil You Know Than You Don't

This title was given by my friend/brother (Chickie Qing)
It's a very good title because there's a lot of them in this modeling industry 
I posted a post recently about thing and attitude you can and cant do when working on set.
You can check it out here ( 10 Does and Don't in Your Modeling Career )

Now about the devil you know and you don't.
Some people are not aware of this kind of people because they try to act professional
They are so many photographer, agents, jobs and etc are just full with lies and they just wanna use you and your body for those unwanted websites like sex website or those prostitute's website.
I will list down a few of them based on their profession and how to avoid it.

The Devilish Photographer

The photographer will ask you for a indoor photo shoot without payment or with a minimal of RM 50 - 100 in Malaysia . At first they want an normal shoot then slowly they will ask you to change into bikini wear or lingerie and some maybe nude. This is very dangerous as they might touch or rape you. This happened to so many models already but you can choose to reject them. If it's for commercial shoot, ask them about the commercial before you simply say yes. 

The Devilish Job

The people will state private party, escort and private dinner jobs for you to do. they will describe it as ushering or even one-day girlfriend . Escort is a job where you need to accompany people from overseas or maybe local as a girlfriend some maybe overnight together for some sexually reason and surprisingly some of the company is legal and some not. Private party and dinner party is the same. Just have to party or have dinner with them which include drinking alcohol and socializing with them  . These jobs are nothing related to modeling or acting. It's just a job where you can earn more in modeling and to some girls, they are desperate for  money and also blinded by money. It's easy to avoid by asking details from the agent. Some of the job like party girls is okay because it's just promoting and not drinking .

The Devilish Agent

Some agent are very rude and also demanding. I experience it myself last year. An agent ask me if I'm interested in the job he gave to me. At first he said ushering but then it's not ushering but escort service. I declined politely but he insisted me to work rudely. I ignored him since then. It's really unprofessional as an agent and it's also rude as a human being by forcing people to work or to do things that they really don't like. Another type of devilish agent are those agent who lie to models. They state photo shoot and give details unclear or very blurry type of information. When you reach on set. It's a different type of photo shoot as stated on the job description that the agent gave. It's dangerous because you might get raped or even worst (Kidnap, death and etc). To avoid this kind of thing happen, PLEASE ASK FOR MORE DETAILS ! If they give blurry or unclear, then just ignore that job and find a better and safer job. It's not worth your life.

I encourage young new comers to read this and also share out because it might make or break your career and also most importantly life. Not to models only but also to freelancers who always want to find a job and earn some pocket money. Please be careful and cautions of the job you take in hand. It's a different world out there now and I might get sued for blogging about this but it worth the risk. 
Thanks for read and hope you guys share it out !


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